This Library in Southern Indiana built, and now own and operate their own solar energy facility, and not only did they save more than $41,700, they earned more than $3,900 in credits…

Johnson-Melloh Solutions employed a team approach in working with client, Jennings County Public Library, to engineer, develop and construct an energy savings project that yielded 95% savings. JCPL will produce solar energy for the next 25 years with no tax increase to the public.

JCPL Director, Mary Hougland said, “ In all of my years of library management experience, I have not had a more rewarding public contracting experience. Not only did Johnson-Melloh Solutions develop forward thinking energy conservation measures, but they worked with the library every step of the way to make sure the project was delivered as promised – with no electricity cost. No other vendor offered the same approach. The guaranteed energy savings method places the town and engineer/contractor, Johnson-Melloh Solutions in a collaborative position where both benefit from cooperation and design innovation.”

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