Sheridan Schools was consuming nearly 2.8 million kWh annually at a cost of about $280,000. Additionally, Sheridan was battling electricity rate inflation that would force them to make budget cuts that they did not want to make.

They came to us with a plan, and we partnered with them to design and construct a new 1.8 MW solar facility that would serve the complete school district. A crew of 30 Johnson-Melloh team members completed the project in just 4 months. Besides the solar facility, we also installed LED lighting throughout facilities, hallways and classrooms, plus on exteriors. New windows were also installed to improve energy efficiency.

The moment Sheridan flipped the switch on their new systems, they took control of their energy production and froze the cost for the next 25 years. “Being able to exactly budget our electrical cost for the years to come goes a long way in allowing us to continue to be fiscally responsible to our community. It will push more dollars to the classroom and allow us to continue to upgrade facilities as needed,” stated Robin Popejoy, Director of Business for SCSC.

See the video to learn more about this exciting breakthrough for the Sheridan Community…