Why Go Solar?

Control Energy Costs
Be proactive against rising utility rates.

Save Money
Over time, solar will save you money on your utility bill.
Gain the benefit of a 30% federal tax credit, Net Metering, and SRECs.

Help the Environment
Solar generates more than 90% less pollution than coal and natural gas.
Every install makes a difference!

Renewable Energy
Solar energy is an unlimited, reliable source of energy.

Long-Term Investment
Real estate equipped with solar power holds higher property value.
Increase your energy independence by relying less on external power sources.
Over life of system savings will be 2-3 times the cost of the system.

Why Johnson-Melloh Solutions?

Local Family-Owned Company
We invest in products before we sell to clients.
Our company has been dedicated to energy efficiency for over 40 years!
We own over 1.5Mw of our own systems.

We Value Our Customers
We are accessible and responsive. We put our customers first – always!

TurnKey System and Maintenance
We work with our clients through development, installation, and activation of systems.

Flexible Financing Options
We work with several different financers to find our customers their best available options.

We own 9 solar sites, and have installed over 100. We continue to service sites all over the country.
With our experience in the industry, our clients understand how we are Leading the Way in Energy Innovation.

Johnson-Melloh Solutions is a leading Midwest Energy Service Company (ESCO) providing innovative design/build performance with a focus on energy efficiency and solar solutions.

When you see this yard sign in front of a home, the owner is taking advantage of:

  • $0 down
  • 30% investment tax credit
  • Net metering
  • Solar Renewable Energy Credits
  • Savings from day 1