After experiencing issues with air conditioning, air quality and rising costs of energy with the inefficiencies of outdated windows and standard lighting, the North Putnam Community School Corporation and Planning Committee came up with a plan and design for improvements. They presented us with it and asked us to collaborate with them.

Four months from breaking ground, North Putnam Middle and High Schools are not only producing their own energy, they are storing it and selling excess back to earn credits. Their plan that included LED lighting throughout the campus, and energy-saving window installation, plus a 1.6 MW solar facility including an innovative battery storage and backup system made possible by partnering with JLM Energy (California), makes them fully independent. This means that North Putnam Middle and High Schools will control energy costs for the next 25 years. And by introducing a non-debt financing service program that required no upfront capital, the community will not have the worries of a rising tax levy.

North Putman Schools will realize a future with millions of dollars in savings during the next 25 years, and a fixed rate of power for the next 20 years, plus warranted technology for 20 years (with an expected lifespan of 30 years).

It’s another big win for Indiana schools, and the resources that will be made available as a result. Johnson-Melloh Solutions is proud to be a part of their successful plan! See the story by clicking on the video at (link).

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