Mill Creek West Elementary students processed outside, overlooking the solar facility to conclude the ceremony.

They contacted us with their plan, and we assisted them to build, own and operate their own solar energy facility…

Mill Creek West Elementary School and Johnson-Melloh Solutions celebrated the official launch of the new solar facility on the school’s campus at their ribbon cutting ceremony in front of administration, faculty, staff, and hundreds of students on March 11. Mill Creek West, located in Hendricks County became the first school in the Midwest to build, own, and operate an alternative energy system, giving them the ability to offset all of their energy consumption needs. After years of increasing electricity costs, the Mill Creek Community School Corporation entered into a Guaranteed Energy Savings Program, or GESP, with Johnson-Melloh Solutions.

Superintendent Jim Diagostino reported, “Our electricity expenses have increased 8-10% each year for the past several years and would have climbed by $800,000 over the next 25 years. Our investment may save about $32,000 per year and will likely exceed this amount.” By adding LED lighting and solar power, they have already seen decreased electricity bills. Diagostino stated, “Our partnership with JMS on the solar project has been outstanding. JMS is a partner committed to energy savings in both financial and environmental terms. As we move forward and analyze the progress from the installation of the LED lighting in September to the flipping the switch on our solar power in December, the program has over-produced in energy production and financial savings.”

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