Throughout 2018, JMS was providing energy and cost-savings solutions to Indiana schools in Northern, Central and Southern Indiana. Every property, every facility is different but the importance of offsetting energy costs by providing alternative energy solutions was the one thing that all of these projects had in common.

In 2018, with rooftop or ground-mounted solar and by utilizing alternative energy with natural gas, these schools are producing energy and using it to offset utility costs. Additional solutions including LED lighting also contribute to some of these schools’ energy cost containment strategies.

Throughout 2018, JMS was the Design/Build and Retrofit contractor for these facilities and more and we continue to add to our project load into 2019.

For these schools, including MSD Wayne Township, Tipton Community Schools, Madison-Grant United School Corporation, Orleans Community Schools, and Frankton-Lapel Community Schools, the projects are a win-win for energy budgeting, the environment and even the education provided.

These facilities exemplify the innovative use of natural resources, relevant environmental stewardship and projected savings that can be used to improve classroom resources. Watch the videos to see these facilities on their respective school properties.