Indiana solar panel manufacturer Nusun Solar successfully certified to UL standard; now in production

Columbus, Ind. (February 14, 2012) –Nusun Solar, an Indiana based manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels, has been successfully certified to Underwriters Laboratories UL 1703 standard by ETL certification testing labs – a final pre-production step that ensures the safety, performance and quality of both their solar module’s and the manufacturing processes.

Certified in 50 U.S states as well as Canada, Nusun Solar’s highly efficient (grade A cells and high purity silicon) solar modules are designed and engineered for reliability and durability, maximized individual panel performance, and maintaining optimal functionality in extreme climates. Nusun’s solar panels are backed with a 25-year warranty and meet the guidelines of the ‘Buy American’ provision, which provides consumers the access to many State and Federal incentives, reduced shipping costs and the advantages of domestic customer service and product warranty.

“Receiving the ETL certification for our solar modules and manufacturing process marks an important milestone in the growth of our business,” states Ryan Stout, President and Owner of Nusun Solar.  “We are proud to be producing high quality solar panels from our Columbus, Indiana facility, and we look forward to developing many new distribution channels and relationships with renewable energy consumers.”

The renewable energy industry is faced with many challenges when it comes to consumer education, awareness and misperceptions. Nusun encourages consumers to do their homework and ensure they are comparing apples-to-apples; understanding the critical differences between PV technologies, components used, and quality testing standards and how this directly affects the ROI and performance expectations.

Industry professionals agree that there are significant quality performance differences between the use of Grade A, B, C or D cells, and performance can also be affected by the presence of surface micro-cracks, which are not visible to the human eye.

“Without evaluating these differences in quality upfront, performance becomes a big concern and can reveal itself through premature cell failures, system degradation, reductions in performance, and reduced life span expectancy,” explains  Stout. “Using certified, high quality products, as well as factoring in shipping, replacement and warranty expenses up front can result in a payback as much as 10X more than that of many low quality overseas competitors.”

Nusun’s ETL certification ensures that their product has been tested and evaluated, passing all of the required safety and power generation standards of UL 1703. Additionally, the certified solar modules undergo periodic checks to ensure they continue to meet requirements.

“The level of quality and performance of Nusun’s product has exceeded our expectations. Their solar panels are top-of-the-line, yet able to meet many of our project budget constraints. With modules well suited for both residential and commercial applications, we look forward to working together well into the future to provide quality renewable energy solutions to the community” adds Nick Melloh, President and Partner of Johnson Melloh Solutions, an Indianapolis-based solar installer, Solar Energy Demonstration Lab site, and selected developer for the Indianapolis International Airport solar farm project.

Nusun Solar also has the support of local officials, who in late 2010, announced that the company was eligible to receive performance-based incentives designed to help foster the creation of many new jobs over the next 4 years.

“The company has access to a highly-productive and educated workforce here in Columbus, Indiana,” says Jason Hester, Executive Director of the Columbus Economic Development Board. “Combine that with our favorable business policies along with Nusun Solar’s innovative processes, and we have a recipe for success.”

About Nusun Solar

Nusun Solar manufacturers high quality solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels from its manufacturing center located in Columbus, Indiana, USA.  The company is certified to U.L. standards, and its PV modules are now available.  For additional product information, ordering of solar panels or to become a distributor, visit or call (888)323-2240 ex #1.

Solar models covered by UL 1703:  NS300-6M7, NS295-6M7, NS290-6M7, NS285-6M7, NS280-6M7, NS275-6M7, NS270-6M7, NS265-6M7, NS260-6M7, NS255-6M7, NS250-6M7, NS260-6M6, NS255-6M6, NS250-6M6, NS245-6M6, NS240-6M6, NS235-6M6, NS230-6M6, NS225-6M6, NS220-6M6, NS230-6M5, NS225-6M5, NS220-6M5, NS215-6M5, NS210-6M5, NS205-6M5, NS200-6M5, NS195-6M5, NS190-6M5, NS275-5M, NS270-5M, NS265-5M, NS260-5M, NS255-5M, NS250-5M, NS245-5M, NS240-5M, NS235-5M, NS230-5M, NS225-5M, NS220-5M, NS200-5M, NS195-5M, NS190-5M, NS185-5M, NS180-5M, NS175-5M, NS170-5M, NS165-5M, NS160-5M, NS155-5M, NS250-6P, NS245-6P, NS240-6P, NS235-6P, NS230-6P, NS225-6P, NS220-6P, NS215-6P, NS210-6P