Earlier in March, in front of a large group, Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt announced the launch of their Guaranteed Energy Savings project that puts them on the map for alternative energy innovation with a 3.1 MW solar facility and more than 3,500 LED lights.

Among the many advantages presented to the group, education for the students in Hamilton County was one of them. From IVY Tech to all Hamilton County students, this project will be a tangible example of careers available in the alternative energy industry as well as working examples of solar energy, and the technology that puts it to use for the benefit of a community as well as the environment. President of the County Commission, Christine Altman stated “…this is a true application of how you apply technology to reduce your carbon footprint.”

Planning for the project began in 2014 and continued through 2017 with the official groundbreaking taking place in March, 2018. Approximately 9,300 solar panels and more than 3,500 LED lights make this project the largest of its kind in Indiana for the facilities that it will serve, and the net energy savings for Hamilton County is projected at $13 million.

Mark Heirbrandt stated, “People don’t realize this but utilities are the second highest expense other than our employees’ salaries and benefits. The financial impact that this will create is the main reason that we are doing this project.”

Congratulations to Hamilton County for breaking ground on this project now to realize a future of the many benefits including cost savings, environmental impact, and the education of their community. Johnson-Melloh is proud to be part of such a positive move toward energy independence.