Johnson Melloh Solutions, an Indianapolis renewable energy solutions provider, supports local nonprofit organizations, educating about the benefits of renewable energy and making an impact on sustainability in Indiana.

One deserving nonprofit will receive a complete 2 KW Solar Renewable system. This system will reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs for years to come.

The 2KW Solar PV system will produce savings of $500-$700 a year; and with a 40-50 year life cycle, expect to save $20,000-$28,000 in electricity costs.

Complete the form below to be entered to win 2 KW Solar Renewable system from Johnson Melloh Solutions. The winning nonprofit organization will be selected by public vote, starting the week of June 4, 2012


As a leading Indianapolis renewable energy solutions provider, Johnson Melloh Solutions, believes in investing in the advancement of renewable energy solutions while giving back to the local community. Through education to organizations about renewable energy benefits, Johnson Melloh Solutions is able to positively impact sustainability in Indiana.

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