After More Than 40 Years of Service, Johnson-Melloh Inc. Announces Recent Brand Realignment and Organizational Approach to Better Serve Customers

In addition to their recent brand realignment, Johnson-Melloh is excited to announce the realignment of their organizational chart to better serve and grow its customer base. Johnson-Melloh Mechanical offers a wide variety of mechanical services, and Johnson-Melloh Solutions offers comprehensive energy solutions, including renewable energy. The challenge was bringing the services of both companies to its clients. Internally, Johnson-Melloh flattened its organizational structure, and sales and operations teams are now comprised of members from each company who work together to better serve clients. By allowing the two to work more closely together, they are creating better, more affordable solutions for current and future clients.

Bob McKinney, President of the Johnson-Melloh companies explains, “We have been moving in the direction of a full service, vertically integrated performance services company and it was time to make necessary changes to allow that transition to fully take place. By internally opening up our entities, we have strengthened the relationship between our mechanical and engineered solutions divisions while defining their crossover roles more clearly which in turn is now allowing us to share more of our offerings externally.”

Nick Melloh, CEO, creates the vision behind the companies, and the vast team of managers, account reps, sales engineers, engineers, project managers, estimators, installers, and service technicians work together to bring the vision to life.

He adds, “Our teams are working and communicating in a manner we were not before, and that is a real plus for our customers. I am excited about our value proposition, and I want every client and prospective client to feel the full benefit of what we can offer.”

Johnson-Melloh Full Service Facilities Solutions combines the expertise of our two daughter companies, Johnson-Melloh Mechanical and Johnson-Melloh Solutions. With these two companies focusing on traditional mechanical contracting and new alternative and renewable energy solutions, Johnson-Melloh is in the unique position to provide customers with full-service solutions. Full-service means our clients get the experience and reputation of a solid mechanical contractor combined with innovative energy-saving solutions resulting in cost savings and–in the end–higher levels of energy control and productivity.

Johnson-Melloh Mechanical has provided consistent delivery of quality mechanical contracting services ranging from design-build to preventative maintenance and on-call services for nearly four decades. While maintaining a “can-do” approach that combines experience with integrity, Johnson-Melloh Mechanical offers project-based services as well as full-service maintenance to industrial, manufacturing, municipalities, universities, K-12 schools and healthcare facilities. Solid experience and state-of-the-art technology advancements make Johnson-Melloh Mechanical the premier mechanical contractor and services provider in the Midwest for retrofit or new construction. Our work prepares facilities for a future of realized energy savings.

Johnson-Melloh Solutions was formed in 2009 focusing on renewable and alternative energy products and engineered services for our customers like solar PV, solar thermal, CNG, combined heat and power, and LED lighting. Johnson-Melloh’s core business offering has always included guaranteed energy-savings projects as a subcontractor, but as alternative energy systems have evolved Johnson-Melloh Solutions was formed as a separate company to directly serve this market segment. Johnson-Melloh Solutions is leading the way in energy innovation and has become a leading Indiana Energy Service Company (ESCO) focusing on renewable and alternative energy.

Johnson-Melloh is Indiana’s only one-stop solution for a turn-key, full-service partnership that offers the best in mechanical experience and innovative energy solutions. Providing retrofit, plan/build and design/build high-performance systems that result in cost-savings energy and more productive facility environments.