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Johnson Melloh Solutions is your turnkey provider of renewable energy solutions including:

solar financing IndianaSolar PV
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Solar and Wind Powered Parking Lights
Solar Thermal
Hybrid Lighting
Geo Thermal

  • The combination of the federal tax credit (30%), ability to utilize bonus depreciation (business), feed in rate tariffs, and electricity inflation of 400% since 1970 all play into the financials behind renewable energy. In addition, some utilities are offering up to $4,000 for solar and wind installations in form of rebates. We can help you sort through these items and even assist in finding financing for your project.  To find out more regarding local utility incentives available in your area visit
  • The products we utilize will always be high quality, and the optimal efficiency we can get. Higher quality usually means higher price tag, but also usually means better warranty and financial stability behind the supplier. We are in the business for the long haul, and know that long term customers are built from offering high quality products, installation, and service.
  • We’re here to help. Local ordinances may come into play with height and noise restrictions for wind turbines and codes banning wood or biomass hot water boiler systems, so make sure you check into these items before you commit yourself to a project. Also, always check with your accountant to make sure you can take advantages of the credits and deductions currently being offered by the federal government.

Renewable Energy Demonstration Lab

We are excited about the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy, and we want to share it with you first hand! Take the first step in exploring how renewable energy can work for you. Contact US to set up a time to explore our very own renewable energy plants in Indianapolis, IN. At our on-site facility you will be able to get an up-close and personal look at many forms of renewable energy, including:

  • Solar PV
  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
  • Solar and Wind Powered Parking Lights
  • Solar Thermal
  • Online Energy Production Monitoring
  • Inverters, Electrical Metering, Connectors, and other components



Renewable Energy Open House…

Address all the questions you have about renewables, while getting an up-close look at various renewable energy systems in action. To make a reservation, view upcoming open house dates, or discuss any questions you may have, please contact us today!

Did you hear about us on the Pat Sullivan Show? We’d love your feedback or questions > about renewable energy in Indianapolis.


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